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Subscription Rates


A marc4media® subscription enables users to download MARC records from our web site.

Most subscribers find a 80-90% fulfillment rate.   We try to keep up with subscriber  requests with new records added to the database each week. 

To set up a subscription, e-mail us at info@marc4media.com.  We need  your full address, phone number, the name of the institution, and a PO #.  Once we receive this, we e-mail you instructions re managing your own downloads in a secure manner.


Rates are:

  •   20 Records       $40.00
  •   50 Records       $90.00
  •  100 Records     $160.00
  •  200 Records     $280.00
  •  300 Records     $375.00

Over 300 Records @ $1.25 a record

                                     School Districts can share a subscription
For further information, contact us at 480-998-0283 or info@marc4media.com


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