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MARC Services for Educational Distributors

If your clients are asking for MARC  records, and/or related services you’ve come to the right place.  Marc4media® cataloging exceeds the requirements of the most discerning schools and colleges.  By providing multiple online access points to data about your motion media content, the records are also a marketing tool that generates increased usage and sales of your products.

When we become your agent,  we charge a set amount to catalog your products.  The records are immediately uploaded to our web site and made available to all marc4media subscribers.  Subscribers can also search the master m4m database to see what's available in a particular curriculum area.

Alternatively distributors purchase rights and make the records available from their web sites.  This practice has become increasingly  popular for streamed media collections.  No matter where you see the record, if it has a designation AzPhLCL and/or MFM, it originated at marc4media.

Please call 480-998-0283 for further information about any of these  services we offer for educational distributors.