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About Us:

From 1995 - 2000, our women-owned business was known as Library Conversions Limited Company.  During those five years,  principals and crew traveled to over 300 media centers preparing MARC databases for all kinds of library resources.   Cataloging centralized video collections was difficult, however, since there were few existing MARC records for motion media products.  Convinced that valuable content was being missed, we began to specialize in the creation of marc4media® records. These are MARC records that highlight topics covered in K-college curricula. By 2001 it was time to get off the road and focus solely on marc4media.


Part of our outreach doing business as marc4media, was to network with educational distributors and tell them about MARC. We were convinced that the content of marc4media records would leverage the use of their products and generate new sales.  This has largely proven true. Over time we became the sole-source for MARC records for Discovery Education, the Cerebellum Corporation, Annenberg Learner, Ambrose Video, New Dimension Media, Disney Educational and many others. 


We are thrilled that in the last few years, our services have expanded to cataloging streamed media. Our corporate clients include the Ambrose Digital Library and the Criterion Collection.